Fire Extinguisher Training DVD

What constitutes 'training' for fire safety?
There is no substitute for hands-on practical fire extinguisher training. However if that proves difficult and expensive to implement on an on-going basis then video training is the next best thing.

However training without a test of knowledge is unlikely to be accepted as such in a court of law.


Extinguisher Training DVD

On the DVD

The training DVD covers all the relevant aspects of fire extinguisher use. From understanding the conditions that support a fire to choosing the correct extinguisher and their correct and safe usage.

On the CD

The accompanying CD contains multiple choice questions and answer sheets plus pass certificate and training record templates.


Test of knowledge

Many fire extinguisher training DVDís and videos are simply a passive visual aid. To be classed as training there must be a test of knowledge. How else can you prove that staff reached any level of competence after viewing the course?

Our DVD courses come complete with multiple choice question and answer sheets, printable certificates and training record templates (on Word and PDF).

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The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 tells us that we should ensure that Ďthe premises are, to the extent that it is appropriate, equipped with appropriate fire-fighting equipmentí

Appropriate fire-fighting equipment,

Fire Safety Legislation

UK Fire Safety legislation dictates that employers must ensure that employees are provided with adequate fire safety training. Adequate training is a legal requirement.

Online Alternative

If getting your staff together all at once is a challenge or time and training resources are at a premium you may whish to consider our online, interactive training alternative.
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DVD Preview

The DVD is clear and easy to understand. The structured, yet easy to understand, course gives your staff training on what it takes to support a fire, fire classes, extinguisher choice and operation.
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